Infant Puppy Love Costume


Infant Puppy Love Costume

Everybody loves to watch a baby and a puppy play around in the backyard for the first time. It is one of the cutest things you could ever hope to witness. The only thing that could make their playtime even cuter is if you let your little ankle-biters romp around in this Infant Puppy Love Costume during all the fun!Could you imagine the adorable, puzzled look that will be on the puppy’s face when your wee lil babe starts crawling closer in this costume? One thing’s for sure, you will definitely want to have your camera close by. All your friends will want to see photographic evidence when you say that the cutest event in the history of the world happened in your very own backyard. After the endearing photo shoot is complete this costume will be perfect for your baby this Halloween. All your neighbors will think you have the most adorable bundle of joy in town! Just make sure to get sweets from them, no doggie treats… your little one probably won’t enjoy those too much and if they do, well, then you’ve got bigger problems to worry about.If you’re ready to let the dogs out this Halloween, then this Infant Puppy Love Costume is just what you need for your little one. Grab some adult dog costumes as well and then the whole family can go around the block with a pack mentality. Give yourselves a good family name like the Barkers, the Woofers, or something like the Doggos!

Wolf, wolf! Your little one will be the cutest pup at the park in this Infant Puppy Love Costume. This baby animal costume makes a great first Halloween costume idea!

SAS ID: 38286

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