Infant Pumpkin Chunkin Costume


Infant Pumpkin Chunkin Costume

Pumpkin’ to Talk AboutDo you know the history of the Jack o’ Lantern? There’s actually quite a bit of mystery around it, so we’ve been doing a little reading. We’ve decided the modern Jack o’ Lantern is preferable to what they were up to in long-ago Ireland. Long story short, pumpkins are more aesthetically pleasing than turnips. We do still stand behind the spooky nature of the carved vegetable though. Depending on your Halloween preference (and level of superstition) your Jack o’ Lantern can be intended to scare away or welcome some paranormal guests. You can also just use it for a fun decorative light for trick-or-treaters.Alternatively, a Jack o’ Lantern makes an excellent costume for the youngest in your family. We’re not suggesting leaving them on the front step, but get them ready for their first Halloween with the classic look. As an added bonus, your Jack o’ Lantern disguised infant can be a portable ward from evil and an absolutely adorable trick-or-treating companion!Design & DetailsIn this Made by Us Infant Pumpkin Chunkin Costume, your little one will be all set to enjoy the Halloween festivities. This 3 piece costume is designed with super-soft and warm fleece fabric to keep your little one comfortable through costume parties, photo-shoots, or a night of trick-or-treating. The hat is designed to look like the top of a pumpkin, complete with stem and vines. The booties look like smaller Jack o’ Lanterns with their own leafy tops. Of course, without a smiling Jack o’ Lantern face this bright orange ensemble would just be a pumpkin suit so our designers made sure to include a very happy Jack.Halloween TraditionLet’s face it, Jack o’ Lanterns might be a slightly confusing tradition, but babies dressed like Jack o’ Lanterns have always been cute. This year you can continue both traditions with your little one in this Pumpkin Chunkin Costume!

What’s more classic a costume than a Chunkin Pumpkin Infant Costume??

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