Hip Panda Girls Costume


Hip Panda Girls Costume

TIME FOR A NEW TREND!Pandas have a pretty rough lot in life!  We all know that they’re on troubled lists and their numbers are dwindling, but there are tons of really weird reasons why.  Turns out, the adorable bears are incredibly picky and their bodies don’t like to agree with the idea.  They’re a species that just up and decided, “You know what?  Bamboo!”  Well, turns out that just because a trend seems cool doesn’t mean that the body is going to agree with it!  50 pounds or more of plants a day is only enough food to give them energy to sleep! So, it is time for a brand new movement to inspire those pandas to try something new.  And, who better to prompt some new innovations than the hipsters?  They come up with all sorts of inventive dining crazes that nobody thought would take off and, suddenly, are everywhere!  Once those pandas see what they’re missing out on, they’re going to start craving avocados, wild nuts, and work on a bit more productive of a vegan diet. DESIGN & DETAILSIt all has to start somewhere and we think that your kiddo has just the spirit to wake those pandas out of their funk.  We forced our in-house designers to deal with a panda diet just to the brink of insanity to ensure they’d have the brightest of ideas for this Hip Panda Costume.  The shirt is a sleek bodice with furry, short sleeves and an oversized hood with big black ears.  The fur skirt is super short and has suspenders to get the panda geek cred.  Finish off the hip look with large rimmed glasses and your tyke will be living panda life on the edge of innovation.PORTLAND PANDASWho knew the solution to the panda problems was just to import a portion of Portland!  This Hip Panda costume will bring out the wild side of your child, too!  

Be cute, cuddly, and cool this Halloween with our exclusive Girl’s Hip Panda Costume! Pair this costume with dark lipstick to complete the look!

SAS ID: 38286

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