High Heeled Saddle Shoes


High Heeled Saddle Shoes

Saddle shoes have been for at least a hundred years, but they only started to enter into style around sixty years ago. They were often used with basic school uniforms, golfing outfits, casual attire, and more recently, associated with ska music groups worn by rudeboys. Even though they’re often used in modern settings, they have a retro look. They’ve been seen wore by Elvis Presley, Bert on Sesame Street, and Lucy from Peanuts.Now imagine that classic style with a hip, modern twist. What if those classic shoes had a heel added to them? You could easily accessorize a sexy 50’s outfit, or put a new spin on a cheerleader costume. There are so many ways to accessorize your costume when you add a pair of these High Heeled Saddle Shoes.The shoes lace up front with white laces, and feature a classic black and white saddle shoe design. Whether you’re finishing off a romper from 1950s, or a sexy cheerleader from years ago, or just making a hip golfing costume this Halloween, add a pair of these stylish and comfortable shoes.

A pair of high heeled saddle shoes might have caused quite a stir back in the 1950s but at present they’ll just make your costume extra cute. Wear them with a poodle skirt!

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