Haute Harlequin Women’s Costume


Haute Harlequin Women’s Costume

Haute Harlequin Women's Costume

Clown With The CrownA Harlequin clown is like a clown queen. Unlike basic clowns, they don’t perform for little kids at backyard birthday parties, painting faces and making balloon animals; they entertain for nobility. They captivate kings and queens with mind-bending pantomiming routines. (Are they really trapped inside a box? Well, how did they get in there? Wow, where did that rope come from? Wait a minute…). Harlequin clowns don’t wear cheesy flowers that squirt water or have curly, bright colored hair topped off by a tiny hat. Harlequin clowns have panache! They always wear matching ensembles with ruffled collars and perfectly styled hairdos. When your job is to perform for the king and queen, dressing to the nines and looking your absolute best is just a part of the job. If you’re stylish, entertaining, dramatic, and looking for a job inside the castle walls, you’ll make a great Harlequin clown! Start practicing your pantomime routine to try out for the job and we’ll hook you up with the perfect disguise, the Women’s Haute Harlequin Costume. Design & DetailsSleek and polished, you’ll look ready to enter the castle gates once you’re wearing the Women’s Haute Harlequin Costume. A Made by Us design, this stylish dress is high-quality and flatters all shapes and sizes. Ladies will look fashion-forward and sleek in the cocktail-style dress featuring a black and red diamond print and ruffled sleeves, collar, and neckline. The white ruffled collar and the pom-pom-tipped hat complete the disguise. Frills and GigglesYou’ll make them laugh as soon as you have all the necessary accessories! Pick up the satin gloves, fishnet pantyhose, and black high heels to get the complete look. Start working on those pantomime skills and you’ll be ready to perform for the royal couple before you know it!    

You’ll be ready to cause stunning mischief in our Women’s Haute Harlequin Costume. This outfit features a jester hat, neck piece, and red and black diamond print dress with ruffles.

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