Harry Potter Toddler Deluxe Hufflepuff Robe Costume


Harry Potter Toddler Deluxe Hufflepuff Robe Costume

Golden HufflepuffHufflepuff house always seems to get overlooked, even by some of the professors of Hogwarts school. With the likes of Newt Scamander, Nymphadora Tonks, and Cedric Diggory in the bunch, it seems odd that the just and loyal students of Hufflepuff are given little notice. Or that the expectations to gain fame like a noble Gryffindor, cunning Slytherin, or wise Ravenclaw don’t stretch to young Hufflepuffs. That is, until now.The youngest member of your family has been showing signs of magic since day one. Beyond your wildest imagination, an owl arrived on your doorstep last summer and invited your tiny tot to attend Hogwarts school before reaching the age of 11. That September, your tot donned the sorting hat and was sorted into Hufflepuff along with a handful of other wide-eyed first-years. But your little one rose to the top of the class almost at once, making feathers fly, creating potent potions, and keeping a Mandrake as a pet without needing earmuffs. Their astonishing performance has definitely earned recognition, and before the next school term you want to make sure to provide a new set of house robes to wear with pride.Product DetailsThis deluxe Hufflepuff Robe set if just the thing for your magical prodigy. The robe is made with a soft, inky black fabric and lined with the golden yellow of Hufflepuff house. The Hufflepuff crest is proudly displayed on the front to ensure your toddler isn’t mistaken for a member of any other Hogwarts house. A hook and loop fastener is attached at the neck of the robe to keep it secure through any magical activity. Your toddler will look smart and flashy in this new school robe!Legible NotesWe understand that your toddlers may still be learning the ABCs, but we sincerely hope they’ve found some way to take notes during their lessons. You’ll want to make sure each word is legible; a Self-Writing Quill could help until they’ve mastered spelling words. After all, as the first (in a long time at least) Hufflepuff to gain notoriety, their writing, research, and any school experiences will be worth a read for all future witches and wizards.

Get your young one ready for their first semester at hogwarts with the Harry Potter Toddler Deluxe Hufflepuff Robe.

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