Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Ravenclaw Costume T-Shirt


Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Ravenclaw Costume T-Shirt

Save Time for StudiesEveryone knows that the students in Ravenclaw are certainly going to ace their O.W.L. exams. That goes without saying. They’re the best and the brightest. (Why Hermoine ever decided to go Gryffindor is a puzzle that even a Ravenclaw can’t solve. Who would want to adventure when you can be reading about the newest technique in wand construction!?) Of course, some think that Ravenclaws are a little lacking in style because they are so focused on their studies. (We, of course, would point to Luna Lovegood who clearly could teach the rest of Hogwarts a lesson in that department!) Actually, we’ve heard rumors that the Ravenclaw kids have come up with a way to save time so they can be ready for classes in less time than it takes to say ‘Accio robes!’ Best part is they get to be crazy comfortable while doing it! Product DetailsTurns out that the House Ravenclaw has their style completely in check thanks to this Plus-size Ravenclaw Costume T-shirt. This comfy tee is black like the robes and printed to show off a white collar as well as the film’s version of the Ravenclaw crest and tie. Dress SmartThere’s no need to take the time to garb up in your Ravenclaw robes if you’re already wearing them thanks to this comfy Ravenclaw Costume tee! You’ll feel in Hogwarts style at all time; it’s like magic! 

Get ready for the next semester at Hogwarts with the Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Ravenclaw Costume T-Shirt.

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