Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Gryffindor Costume T-Shirt


Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Gryffindor Costume T-Shirt

A Casual Hero Nobody likes a wizard that is always holding their head up too high, floating around on their laurels. It’s especially bad when they just go on and on talking about themselves and their glorious accomplishments. We all know what happens to wizards like that! (We’re looking at you, Gilderoy.) Anyway, that kind of pompous behavior is for angsty teenagers and those probably-gonna-be-villains from House Slytherin. No, when the Sorting Hat put you into Gryffindor, it did because you had the stuff of nobility. You had the heart of a hero. You were going to put the community and sense of adventure long before any need for crowns and capes! That said, you still want to look good. You just want to be… you know… casual about it. Ready for an adventure and equally ready to relax with your buddies and take a deep sigh of relief that… you know… you all survived the adventure, too! Product DetailsIt is time to bring glory to Gryffindor with this plus-size Gryffindor Costume T-Shirt. This comfy tee is made for easy wear but printed to look like you’ve got on your official robes and Hogwarts colors! Ready to CelebrateA true hero is there for the adventure but is also there to celebrate the success. Be ready for both at once in this Gryffindor Costume T-shirt so you don’t miss a minute of either kind of fun! 

The Harry Potter Plus Size Adult Gryffindor Costume T-Shirt is perfect for a Harry Potter theme party. Pack your bags for Hogwarts!

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