Harry Potter Moaning Myrtle Women’s Costume


Harry Potter Moaning Myrtle Women’s Costume

Sad Spirits There’s no drama like high school drama. Seriously. Some high schoolers go through a phase that switches a mean switch in their minds. Even the wizards we like fall prey to this bullish attitude (looking at you, James). And usually, people come out of this without too much harm. But every so often, sobbing in the bathroom can lead to some serious side effects. Moaning Myrtle will let you know. And even after her early end, Myrtle couldn’t catch a break. Her bully went to the Ministry of Magic so that she couldn’t follow him around and was bound to the school, though she tends to hang out in the bathroom and where ever the water pipes lead. Costume DetailsThis licensed Moaning Myrtle costume is just the right amount of spooky. The grey cloak will make you feel like an ageless spirit. Long and flowing with an oversized hood, it has a bleached out version of the Hogwarts shield on the breast. A white-collar dickey and attached tie are layered underneath the robe. Topped off with a grey wig with long pigtails and a pair of plastic glasses and you’ll be ready to wail!It’s My PartyThis Halloween, drum up some drama with this Moaning Myrtle costume. It’s a great way to find a reason to fake sob every time someone slights you. And if you find that people get annoyed, just remind them that you were the one who helped Potter crack the golden egg code so they should be grateful. Whether you’re catching kids whipping up Polyjuice potions, slipping into a bathroom to mull over your problems, or flirting with bad boy wizards, you’re sure to delight in taking on the sad role of Moaning Myrtle! It’s your party, you can cry if you want to!

Harry Potter Women’s Moaning Myrtle Costume lets you become the iconic character from the school of wizardry. Switch up the usual Harry Potter costume ensemble with Moaning Myrtle!

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