Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Girls Costume


Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Girls Costume

The Wizarding World’s Best BuddyEvery single one of Hogwarts’ Houses have some pretty spectacular qualities and there are a number of amazing students and alumni that stand out as even better individuals. Still, no matter how ambitious and skilled, friendly and nurturing, or brave and adventurous that someone may be, they’ve got to have someone bright enough to help them all notice the things that might be just beyond their immediate observation. That is why Luna Lovegood rocks. Only Luna has the natural insight to offer up the crucial bits of knowledge that makes sure the goodies can win the day. So, if your kiddo is looking for a wizard to look up to, we know exactly who they should be admiring! Not only does Luna feel comfortable being exactly who she is, she’s proven herself to the entire magical world of mysterious creatures! You know what they say about folks that are trusted by animals, right!? Well, that goes double for magical creatures. Product DetailsIt’s time to have more Luna in your life. We’re happy to help with this officially licensed Luna Lovegood costume for your kiddo. This is a lovely ensemble inspired by her casual look from the fifth Harry Potter film. It features a rosy jacket with large buttons and long sleeves as well as the explosion of color on the short skirt. Your tyke will be rocking the bright colors thanks to the leggings and will be sure to make friends with all the magical creatures only they can see thanks to the pair of Spectrespecs.Ravenclaw Forever!No matter what House you would choose for yourself, nobody can deny that having a Ravenclaw ally is an incredibly bright choice. So, if you get to pick one to keep close to yourself, how can you pick anyone other than Luna Lovegood!? This costume for your tyke ensures you’ve got a genius with you for years to come. 

Become the charming and eclectic Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter universe when you wear this Harry Potter Girls Luna Lovegood Costume. It features Luna’s look from the movies.

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