Harry Potter Child Deluxe Slytherin Robe Costume


Harry Potter Child Deluxe Slytherin Robe Costume

Revelio TruthWhat was the first thing you ever learned about Slytherin? Probably that this Hogwarts house has produced its fair share of dark witches and wizards. But has anyone ever taken the time to let you know what’s good about Slytherin house? There’s a lot the ancient house can be proud of. When your Hogwarts student is heading to his first year, it’s a good idea to understand all you can about her potential house.Slytherin house is a family. A student who has been sorted and given the house colors and serpent badge, becomes part of that family—a Slytherin never leaves a fellow serpent behind. The students who don the emerald green and silver colors are some of the smartest and most ambitious students to learn at Hogwarts school. In fact, the most famous and learned of wizards, was a Slytherin—if a student is so lucky as to find themselves sorted into Slytherin, they’re lucky enough to count themselves a member of the house that raised Merlin (yes, that Merlin). Magical legacies aside, the Slytherin common room is highly underrated. Students will find themselves enjoying a cool, luxuriously decorated room, with the only view of the Black Lake that can safely get a student up close and personal with the giant squid. While the reputation of Slytherin students might be tinged with a dark past, the reality of the noble house is quite different. And if the sorting hat announces your child the next member, you both should be proud!Product DetailsWith this Deluxe Slytherin Robe, your child will look as cunning as Merlin himself. The exclusive robe is made with a deep-black fabric and lined with the emerald green of the Slytherin crest. Since resourceful Slytherins don’t like having too many extras to fuss with, there’s a full hood featured on this sleek robe, leaving no need to wear a separate hat. To keep this school robe in place a simple button and loop fastener is stitched at the top of the neck. Completing the look is a Slytherin crest stitched to the front of the robe ensuring that no Slytherin students will be caught without the powerful serpent on their side.Shameless SlytherinGet your Hogwarts students ready for their next adventure into the wizarding world with this stunning Slytherin robe. Like all Slytherins before them, they should take no shame in being part of the most misunderstood of Hogwarts houses. They’re going to have everything they need to show the world the true colors of a Slytherin student!

You’ve been placed in Slytherin house by the sorting hat! You’re now ready to walk the hall of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter Kids Deluxe Slytherin Robe.

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