Harry Potter Boys or Girls Hooded Union Suit


Harry Potter Boys or Girls Hooded Union Suit

Winters are for WizardingEvery season has it’s special activity. Spring is bike riding and seed planting. Summer is swimming and popsicle eating. Fall is all about apple picking and bonfires. And while winter might have sledding and snowman making, it’s really all about taking a deep dive into your imagination. That’s where the Wizarding World comes in. Icy cold days and early nightfall call for revisiting the world of Harry Potter and all the wonders that wander through the halls of Hogwarts. Want your child to get wrapped up in the adventure? This Gryffindor union suit is sure to deliver your child to a more magical place as they curl up and enjoy their wizarding activities this winter!Costume DetailsFunctioning as loungewear as well as a costume, this union suit will get plenty of use! It zips up the front and has cozy cuffs around the wrists and ankles. A colorful striped scarf is printed around the neck and the Gryffindor shield is printed on the chest. The Gryffindor traits are embroidered along the hem of the hood for a detailed, luxurious feel. Your child could wear this under a Hogwarts cloak on a chilly Halloween night or wear this alone for a fun take of Harry Potter, Ron,  or Hermione’s look. Accio Cozy!It’s pretty great to have a fun option when it comes to cozy clothes. This zip-up suit is sure to get plenty of wear. From pajama day at school to Saturdays spent curled up rereading The Sorcerer’s Stone as the snow falls outside, this will be a chilly weather staple. It’s the next best thing to sitting in front of the fire in the Gryffindor common room except you don’t have to worry about anyone messing up the room when they rocket in with flu powder. How about that, magic without the mess!

Wear this Harry Potter Kids Hooded Union Suit and get whisked away to Hogwarts. This stylish outfit shows your wizard colors and will put you in the world of Harry Potter.

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