Harry Potter Adult Slytherin Costume T-Shirt


Harry Potter Adult Slytherin Costume T-Shirt

Cool and AmbitiousSo, you’ve been sorted. The hat spoke and loudly pronounced that you’d be joining the green team, Slytherin. Now, there are a lot of assumptions that you’re going to have to deal with. (You might have had a few of them yourself when you heard that you were headed to the house that supposedly creates dark wizards!) Don’t worry. All that means is that you’re not going to let a few typical obstacles stop you from succeeding! Remember that this is the house of the mighty Merlin, too! All you need to do is find a way to keep your ambition just a bit casual.Product DetailsBalancing your goals and cool composure isn’t as hard as you might think, especially since we have this officially licensed Slytherin Costume T-shirt available. This cotton tee gives you the sleek look of the full black robe, crisp white collar, and the silver and green tie of the infamous Hogwarts house—all in a super easy-to-access style. The Slytherin crest on your chest shows you’re powerful… but also pretty chill!Slick as a SerpentShow that you are comfortable in your own skin by flashing a grin in your Slytherin style T-shirt. Plus, with this, you’re ready for those classes quicker than you can say Accio! 

You’re going to look like you just came from Hogwarts in the Harry Potter Adult Slytherin Costume T-Shirt.

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