Harry Potter Adult Hufflepuff Costume T-Shirt


Harry Potter Adult Hufflepuff Costume T-Shirt

Mysteries RevealedThe other houses are always wondering why Hufflepuffs always seem to be so comfortable. No matter what is going on, we are able to bring a smile to our face that helps make other people feel so… cozy! For long years, the other houses have speculated that the Hufflepuffs came upon a charm that made clothing feel extra soft, but the truth is much better!It is time for you to learn the secret and join the rest of the Hufflepuffs in snuggly style! While the other houses must suffer in those sweltering robes while running up and down the ever-changing stairs, the Badger House has devised a special robe that keeps the yellow and black near while enjoying the casual comfort of a muggle miracle: the t-shirt!Product DetailsPut your arms up in the air and chant the incantation with us: pectus vestibus! With that (and some short shipping time), you’ll have this officially licensed Hufflepuff Costume T-shirt. This black tee features printing that looks just like the crisp collar and the black and yellow tie and Hufflepuff crest. Supernatural comfort in Hogwarts style!Wardrobe WizardsEveryone thought that Huffles were all about comfort food but they forgot all about comfy clothes. With these Costume T-shirts, any Hufflepuff will feel right at home. (And let’s not even talk about their magicked underwear!) 

The Harry Potter Adult Hufflepuff Costume T-Shirt is sure to be a hit at your Harry Potter themed party.

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