Harry Potter Adult Gryffindor Costume T-Shirt


Harry Potter Adult Gryffindor Costume T-Shirt

Bold New StyleIt’s been a while since you’ve seen your fellow Hogwarts classmates, but very soon everyone is getting together for their first class reunion. Having been a Gryffindor student, you are expected to be as noble and put-together as you were each school year. You were never really a fan of all the pieces that went into your school uniform, though. Your time spent out of school and navigating the wider world has shown you that, while they don’t get everything right, Muggles have some ingenious ways of dressing. Your favorite is their simple T-Shirts. They have a variety of cuts to choose from and while solid colors and patterned fabrics make stunning garments, you can find a T-Shirt adorned with almost any image. As a bold Gryffindor, it seems only fair that you should be the one to show your Hogwarts classmates a much easier way to dress.Product DetailsSkip the sweater vest, button-up, tie, and even the whole robe, with this Gryffindor Costume T-Shirt. This exclusive T-Shirt is designed to look like you have all the proper uniform pieces without all the fuss. Without layering each piece, you’ll have the crisp collar of a standard white button-up, a well-tied and tucked Gryffindor necktie, and the v-shaped neckline of a well-kept sweater vest. In case you’ve chosen to attend your class reunion without the signature Hogwarts robe, your house crest is printed on the front, just under the collar for an authentic school robe look.Breaking TraditionOut with the old and in with the new, right? Hogwarts school may be steeped in tradition and it boasts a history as deep and magical as time itself, but that doesn’t mean it can’t keep with the times. Show your pride for your Hogwarts house, whether you’re catching a port-key to the Quidditch World Cup or the Hogwarts Express for school, in this Gryffindor T-Shirt.

This Harry Potter Adult Gryffindor Costume T-Shirt is a great gift addition to the wardrobe of anyone who has been waiting for their letter to arrive since the first time they opened the book or put in the VHS Tape. Yeah, that was a thing….

SAS ID: 38286

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