Harry Potter Adult Deluxe Hufflepuff Robe Costume


Harry Potter Adult Deluxe Hufflepuff Robe Costume

You’re GoldenThere is a lot going on in the Wizarding World. Dark wizards come up with wild plots to take over the world. The good fight is fought. New spells are forged and ancient spells are uncovered deep within the vaults of the library. But if we’re thinking about Hogwarts, the true enchanting factors are built by the little things. Our imaginations are captured by the living portraits, the moving staircases, and the ghosts floating in and out of the walls. And while other houses might focus on the big picture, Hufflepuff students delight in making magic in little ways.Living in the coziest dormitories, right across from the kitchens, this house is all about nourishing subjects like magically medical botany and brand new enchanting midnight snacks. While they’re all about fighting the good fight when the time comes, they’re not walking around looking for trouble. Hufflepuffs are happiest when they’re cozied up around the fireplace talking house plants, remedies, and charmed cheese tarts. Which means that a Hufflepuff is the best sort of wizard or witch to have over for company!Design & DetailsThis high-quality Hufflepuff robe will make this one of your favorite costumes for years to come. The long robe is trimmed with high-gloss gold satin material. The velvet-textured black of the robe is decorated with the official seal on the chest and a charming loop and button closure at the neck. The hood drapes over your back making your costume pop from every angle. The wide sleeves add panache to your spell-casting so that you’ll get into character as soon as you slide this robe on. Making Magic HappenAre you ready to finally get sorted into your Hogwarts house? This gold and black robe can be paired with a variety of Hufflepuff accessories to make the magic come alive!

You’ll be the hit of your Harry Potter theme party in the Harry Potter Adult Deluxe Hufflepuff Robe.

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