Harlequin Wig For Adults


Harlequin Wig For Adults

There is no question that blondes have more fun. The bounce, the panache, the stunning glimmer of gold locks in either sun or starlight? There’s no competition from the other styles… Except that they are totally wrong. Blondes might have a really good time and be full of cheer at all times, but it is the blonde who goes dark and eagerly paints the town red that knows how the game is really played. If you want to know what the town is really hiding, then you need to know how to get to those shadowy parts and lure out the laughs that no one else knows to seek. And, there’s only one gal who has the keys to the shadow of the city: Harley Quinn, the notorious and sweet-hearted, if viciously violent right-hand gal of Gotham’s most dangerous villain.Cross the boundary of insanity with this Harlequin Wig and get ready to paint the town hysterical. This olefin hair on a mesh cap fits comfortably while the multi-hued hair gives you the perfect hint at fun, mirth, and a wicked streak that can’t be avoided. The wig cap has elastic bands at back that can be hooked at different lengths to adjust size in case you want to go shorter or longer, either to hide your identity or just to switch things up. More, the pony tails are mounted on claws that clip to the hair, letting you go with a pony, pig, or no tail at all. Or wear them at strange angles just to get those extra grins from Mr. J!

Be a playful jester or a Gotham City villainess when you add this Harlequin Wig to your costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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