Grey Wolf Costume Kids


Grey Wolf Costume Kids

A Kid in Wolf’s ClothingDo your little ones act a little… wild sometimes? Perhaps, deep down, they’re wolves at heart! Just look at some of the signs. Does their room look like the den of some kind of untamed animal? Do they gobble up their snacks like a critter from the woods? Well, maybe they just need a way to express their inner wolf!All you need to let your little one explore their wild side is this Kid’s Grey Wolf Costume. Your kids will finally get to have a look that matches some of their more animal-like qualities… and it’s a total blast at their next costume party.Design & DetailsThis exclusive wolf costume was created by our expert costume designers! They took great care in crafting a look that will have your child feeling like the leader of the pack in no time. It comes with a soft and cozy jumpsuit that’s covered in a layer of gray faux fur. The belly has a light gray style and it fits with a simple zipper in the front. The back of the jumpsuit comes with a tail attached. The sleeves end in paw-shaped mitts that have faux leather claws attached to them. The finishing touch to this outfit is the attached hood. It’s shaped like a wolf’s face and it even has a pair of pointy ears on top. The front has a pair of eyes, a nose and teeth to round out the look. The shoe covers have claws just like the mitts, with elastic bands under the footRaised by WolvesWhen your kids wear this Grey Wolf Costume, they’ll be ready to run wild through the woods! Of course, you can always just tell everyone that they were raised by wolves, since they’ll definitely look the part!

Curl up in comfort in this Kid’s Grey Wolf Costume. This soft jumpsuit features a tail and hood with ears.

SAS ID: 38286

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