Grease T-Birds Infant Costume


Grease T-Birds Infant Costume

Answering the Call of CoolYour little kiddo is just itching to be one of the big boys, isn’t he! We get it. Some kids are simply born cool. And your little guy has been rocking and rolling since the first time you saw him. If the doctors had been playing a sweet guitar solo in the delivery room we’re pretty sure he would have had a dance routine all planned out. (Cause that’s what cool guys do, right?) No worries, you can make it up to the little fella’. Let your little tyke join get in touch with his cool guy side in this Grease Infant T-Birds costume. Design & DetailsThis adorable costume helps transform your child into one of the greaser boys from the hit movie, Grease. The fully licensed ensemble comes with a onesie designed to look like a white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. For diaper changing convenience, the onesie has snaps on the legs. The black jacket fits over the onesie and is designed to look like a leather jacket. The headpiece is super soft with a plush three-dimensional pompadour. It easily recreates a classic greaser hairstyle like Danny Zuko and Kenickie have. Your baby doesn’t even need to grow any hair! Your kid already had a cool attitude, now he’s got the cool look to match!The Boys are Back in TownWhile one little T-Bird tyke is quite adorable, there’s nothing that can beat a reunion with the fellas. Lucky for you, we’ve got a range of sizes for T-Bird and other licensed Grease costumes. Getting the gang back together couldn’t be more adorable. Just remember to take plenty of pictures to remind your child how cool he’s been since birth. Cause if you want to ensure that he’ll rock a pompadour at prom, you might as well get him started nice and early!

Maybe it’ll be a few years before he’s fixing up cars and impressing the girls but it’s never too early to become a truly cool Greaser.

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