Gorilla Gloves Adult


Gorilla Gloves Adult

Gorilla GripIt’s time to enrich your life with this one product: adult gorilla gloves. Don’t get us wrong, life is grand with human hands. It’s not too shabby, at all! Human hands are great and we feel blessed to have these helpful extremities make our lives easier, but we’re also interested in what it’s like to have the mighty grip of a gorilla. What does it feel like to have the rough, strong hands of one of these majestic primates? This question vexed us so much that we decided we needed to find out, which spawned these amazing adult gorilla gloves, the best gorilla-inspired product the world has ever seen! (Gorilla Glue is pretty cool too, we guess.) We wear them every morning while eating a banana and we swear, the banana tastes better. Also, when we have a snug salsa jar to pop open, these gorilla gloves give us the strength we need. As we said, they’re life-changing! Product DetailsA Made by Us product, these gloves are high-quality and created to last so you can slip them on daily if you want! They’re crafted from latex and faux fur for a realistic look! A Playful PrimateAdd these to any gorilla costume for a complete look! 

Round out your costume with our Adult Gorilla Gloves. These latex and faux fur gloves will complete your beastly look.

SAS ID: 38286

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