Gold Theatrical Wings


Gold Theatrical Wings

Setting the SceneMaking your entrance is easy when you’re graced with wings. Mata Hari was great at making an entrance. When she went to balls she often showed up in a corseted dress with a shockingly tight skirt that gave her a dramatic hourglass figure paired with exotic hairpins and jewelry.  And when she walked onto the stage, a hush would fall over the audience. She gave her dance dignity with accessories that brought the buttoned-up officials in the audience out of their element. With a golden snake headdress, silk draping skirts, and bejeweled bodices she brought the mysterious ways of the east to Europe at a time when society was tense and gray. These wings would be right up Mata Hari’s wardrobing alley!Product DetailsThese wings are a bright gold with narrow pleats that let you fold your cape together with ease. Handles at the sides make it easy to expand the gold material to its full potential. Flight of FancyAre you looking to find a look that will make you stand out in a Mardi Gras parade? Maybe you are simply searching for an accessory that’ll let your Cleopatra costume stand out from any imposters. Or perhaps you simply want to get into the music festival spirit like the golden bird you always knew you were inside. Maybe all three of these circumstances will come to sooner or later. Either way, these golden wings deserve a spot in your costumed wardrobe. We might not live in a time of Cleopatras, Mata Haris, or Lady Godivas (the reigning queen of the grand entrance) but you can bring the grand entrance back into fashion again. These golden wings demand it!

Complete your Egyptian queen of the Nile or goddess costume with this pair of gold theatrical Egyptian wings that feature handholds to increase wingspan.

SAS ID: 38286

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