Gold Queen Pirate Costume Girls


Gold Queen Pirate Costume Girls

Treasure or BustDoes it seem like your innocent little girl might have a secret? Does she snap her notebook shut whenever you glance over her shoulder? Or maybe she heads out on mysterious bike rides after stashing a garden trowel in her bag. If any of these things are true then your child might be in pursuit of pirate treasure. Now, there are certain ways to help her out. You could give her a metal detector for her next birthday. Or you could take her to the local library and help her find reading materials on historical pirates in your area. And finally, you could inspire her to have treasure finding success when you rock this adventurous pirate costume!Details & DesignYour treasure savvy kiddo will love rocking this tough pirate costume! As this costume is Made by Us, the style stands out while the costume’s high-quality lets your kid play pretend in this costume after trick-or-treating is over. It features a long pirate jacket that has a unique nautical trim and Jolly Rogers on the front. A lace-up shirt tucks into the high-waisted silky vertically striped pants. The look is cinched in with a red sash and is topped off with a dramatic captain’s brim and a red scarf. Pair this costume with tall boots to make your kid’s look complete.  Grifting and DriftingThink your kiddo is ready to set sail? We think this Halloween is going to be a pretty grand adventure. And this costume is high-quality enough that your kid can wear this to play pretend or celebrate at pirate-themed birthday parties. Customize this look with anything from eye patches to swords and gold teeth. Just make sure that you keep an eye on your valuables or they might end up buried in a chest in the back yard!

Ahoy, maties! Make them walk the plank in our Girls Gold Queen Pirate Costume. This outfit includes a gold-accented hat with crossbones, a jacket with lace-up shirt and Jolly Roger emblems, and black and silver striped pants.

SAS ID: 38286

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