Goddess Headband


Goddess Headband

A Place in the PalaceOlympians are a different group of gods. They really know how to keep it classy while also stirring up drama. If you think reality television is unrealistic with how catty people are to each other, you should read a few myths! Take Zeus for instance, he has a beautiful, powerful, and more importantly, vengeful wife. You’d think he would stay in line. He does not. He just can’t behave. And his goddess of a wife throws down punishments like beads during Mardi Gras! It’s dramatic, sure. But honestly, can you imagine being immortal? Endless life would get a little boring, you’re going to need a little excitement! If you know how to keep things interesting, shake things up with the right heavenly accessories!Product DetailsThis Olympian crown is truly gorgeous! The crown is wide, working well with all sorts of hairstyles. The golden leaves are accented with rhinestones and beautiful pearls. Choose the right toga or gown and you’ll look right at home walking through the hallowed halls of Olympus. Good as GoldAre you ready to make sure that you look like the Goddess that you feel like inside? This beautiful crown will top off any look perfectly. With sandals, draping fabric, and a dramatic persona, you’ll look like the glamorous Athena in no time!

Set yourself apart from the peasants with the Goddess Headband.

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