Girls Zookeeper Costume


Girls Zookeeper Costume

KEEPIN’ THE FURBALLS IN CHECKDo you have a kiddo who might be just a little bit animal-obsessed? Perhaps has asked for an adorable kitty or a puppy? Horse? Lizard? Sugar glider, kraken, fennec fox, bunyip, an axolotl, and the Beast of Exmoor, too? Have you had to sigh and reply that your house isn’t a zoo and, anyway, some of those critters aren’t even legal to own and you’re pretty sure at least one of them is mythological? Well, if your little animal lover just doesn’t know when to quit, we can completely relate. Heck, we’re ready to give the office pupper a salaried position given the morale boost that we have witnessed. That said, we would love to help your future critter keeper a solid sense of what they’re bound for! Now, we can certainly ship you out a menagerie of animal friends but it is probably better to start off with the right look. (Everyone picks their job based on the uniform, right?) DESIGN & DETAILSHelp your tyke become the foremost animal handler with this fantastic Zookeeper Costume. Our in-house team have put together this high-quality khaki look with just the right splash of animal print and brass so your kiddo is going to feel like the authentic thing. The jumpsuit is short sleeve with two pairs of pockets on the chest and hip. The cuffs and collar feature leopard print accents and the top closes with brass buttons. The hat is safari style with a leopard hat band as well. All your little one needs is a little animal companion to feel at home! IT’S ANIMAL HOURGet your animal-lover ready to host a show about all their favorite critters on the planet with this Zookeeper Costume helping to make the perfect first impression. This’ll be an instant hit (and that means the production team will handle the cleanup, too)! 

No monkey business allowed when she’s in charge! This Girl’s Zookeeper Costume is full coverage and perfect for your animal loving girl!

SAS ID: 38286

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