Girl’s Zombie Cheerleader Costume


Girl’s Zombie Cheerleader Costume

SOME SERIOUS SPIRITYou’ve got spirit, yes you do!You’ve got spirit, through and through!Undead spirit!? Was there a fight?All because of a little bite!? Now, we’re zombies! Geez, what luck!?It’s time to eat; let’s kick some butt!The jocks all thought they could outrunbut we just proved gals have more fun!Now that they have all been tamed,It’s time to get some teacher brains! We know that folks talk about high school being forever, but going the way of the zombie plague was a little bit of an unexpected way to make that happen. Still, there are certain advantages. No need to sleep, anymore, so there’s plenty of time to get all the studying finished up despite all of those extra-curricular activities. We’re not sure how being a zombie will really affect the cheering skills of your little cheerleader, but the days of the slow and dragging zombie are over, so we’re pretty sure that the Living-Impaired are gonna do just fine!DESIGN & DETAILSSo, your little leader of cheer was feeling a little under the weather after a run-in with an overactive Biter, huh? Well, our in-house staff of doomsday preppers know just how to make her first undead days fresh and fun with this Zombie Cheerleader costume. The leggings and long-sleeve undershirt have sublimated print that look like flesh that’s had maybe a few too many days affected by the zombie virus. The crop top is sleeveless and fitted… but otherwise has had better days. Well, at least it looks that way. Truthfully, it and the matching skirt have been designed to look dirty, blood-spattered, and torn. But, those hair bows turn the whole look back to upbeat and cheerful! SHE’S GOT IT ALLYour kiddo wants to achieve everything. That means head cheerleader, student council president, prom queen, and mathlete! That takes a lot of guts and brains—fortunately, that’s a zombie’s favorite food. Your little zombie is going to run the school! 

Cheer from beyond the dead with our Girl’s Zombie Cheerleader Costume. This pep rally is going to be interesting, to say the least.

SAS ID: 38286

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