Girls Shimmer Costume


Girls Shimmer Costume

Your little one always loves to make people happy. You can see it in the way she treats her friends, the way she behaves in school, even how she treats people on the street. Who else always wants to greet the mailman in the morning? If your little one found a magic lamp and a genie came out she would probably wish for the ability to grant people wishes so she could make everyone around her happy.  With that drive to spread joy, it’s no wonder that your little one is into the hit TV cartoon, Shimmer and Shine. These little genie twins have it all! They’re learning all about granting wishes with their sweet little friend Leah. Yes, they are magic but like all talents, wish granting can result in some pretty crazy messes. Luckily, all the girls always work together to make it right again! And when they’re done with their work for the day they can always unwind with a refreshing ride on their magic carpet. What a life! Whether she’s headed out trick-or-treating or simply playing pretend at home, your little one can become part of the magic when she dresses up in this gorgeous costume. The ensemble is made of a rich satiny fabric and features a shirt, head piece, flowy pants, and accessories. The shirt is elastic in the middle and flares into a sheer peplum the layers over the waist of the pants. A brocaded vest is attached to the shirt with fluffy fabric at the sleeve. The pants have a shiny, sparkly base layer and a sheer layer over top. They taper with gold elastic at the ankle. The costumes accessories include foam curved shoe covers, a golf foam belt, and soft jeweled bracelets. The headpiece tops it all off with a colorful tulle ponytail, gold ponytail holder, and pretty jewel at the forehead. Huh, turns out you don’t need a magic lamp to make your little one’s wish come true!

She’ll love dressing up as her favorite character from Shimmer & Shine in this girls Shine costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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