Girl’s Santa’s Helper Costume


Girl’s Santa’s Helper Costume

Elf-Help BookSome child experts don’t believe in giving kids an allowance for things like “making their bed” or “tidying their room” because it teaches kids that they should expect rewards for normal, daily responsibilities. Now, we aren’t child development experts or anything (many of us are still big kids, ourselves. And we’re certain our accountant, Marvin, never makes his bed!) but this sounds like it could be a legit argument. If you want to get your kid to be extra helpful this holiday season, then, you really only have one choice…bring out the big guns: Santa! NO child wants to end up on Santa’s naughty list. So, try giving your kid a new title—Santa’s Little Helper—and watch her wrap the presents, set the table, polish the silverware, and walk the dog, all without being asked! Your little elf will be up before school to help with breakfast and will miraculously have all that homework done before supper, especially if she knows she can earn the right to wear this Girl’s Santa’s Helper Costume! Like we said, we’re no experts. But trust us…this works. Plus, it’s really fun for her to wear! Design & DetailsThis exclusive costume will give your child everything she needs to transform into Santa’s special helper! It comes with a red and green dress with a jagged hemline and a pointed collar, as well as a coordinated red belt. Red- and white-striped stockings keep her warm, while an elfish cap and curved booties top off the look. She’s ready to help prep Christmas dinner, help decorate the tree, or help oil up the sleigh in this costume that will inspire extra-nice behavior!Milk and CookiesTechnically, you’re not lying to her…you are basically performing the role of Santa Claus, and she’s simply your “helper.” Of course, she doesn’t need to know all that yet. Just let her go about baking the cookies and leaving you a plate of them, warm out of the oven. You only get to play the Santa card once a year, after all!   

Dress her for the holidays with this Girl’s Santa’s Helper Costume! This costume is available for everyone in the family!

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