Girl’s Nanny Costume


Girl’s Nanny Costume

Girl's Nanny Costume

A tip-top nannyShe’s a nanny now! That’s right, against all odds, she’s landed her dream job. Whoda thunk it!? The job description, after all, read searching for a British nanny with considerable life experience. Of course, your kiddo has neither of those qualities, since she’s still a youngin. But, she walked into the interview with the prospective family, and well, she totally nailed it. Way to go!Of course, the next thing to do is to get her a style that will match her new persona. Just because she’s not a typical nanny doesn’t mean she can’t look like one! Suit her up in this Girls Nanny Costume, and she’ll have a classic style that’s sure to help her excel in her new profession.Product detailsThis lovely costume comes with a skirt, blouse, apron, and hat, all 100% polyester. The blue skirt fits around the waist with an elastic band. The shirt is styled like a classic blouse and includes an attached polka dot bowtie, and the apron secures over the top. Complete the look with the included foam-backed hat, and she’ll be ready for nanny fun! You might want to add an umbrella and a pair of classic flats like we have it pictured, too, those items are sold separately.About that wanted ad…So, we’re not saying she has to immediately hit Craigslist in search of employment when she gets this costume, but that is something she might want to start thinking about. In the meantime, she can have a blast at playtime as a fun and creative nanny. If there’s anything else you need to outfit your girl or any other member of your family, be sure to shop our entire selection of costumes for all your needs. With our wide selection, we’ve got everything covered!

This Girl’s Nanny Costume is practically perfect in every way! Great for dress-up, stage performances, school events or Halloween.

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