Girls Ice Cream Cone Costume


Girls Ice Cream Cone Costume

You Scream, I Scream…Your gal doesn’t like ice cream. She LOVES it! Seriously, if she could only eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be a perfectly-scooped ice cream cone, no question. Summer nights involve family walks to the parlor, where she samples the daily flavors before carefully selecting her scoop. And the joy on her face when she’s handed her ice cream cone—it’s priceless! So it’s not surprising she’d be drawn to this Ice Cream Cone Girl’s Costume; who wouldn’t want to be the most anticipated arrival at the school costume party? In this fun and whimsical look, she can waltz into the party or parade around the neighborhood trick-or-treating and be chased by a throng of adoring fans! Not only is this costume cheerful and unique, but it’s perfectly suited to your little sweetie. Not to mention, this is the only ice cream cone we know of that is guaranteed not to melt, meaning she can wear it for numerous dress-up occasions!Design & DetailsOur design team really nailed it with this costume, right? Made by Us right in our costume studio, this ensemble manages to be sweet, girly, and still really look like an ice cream cone. Remarkable! The magic comes from the thoughtful construction and details—an A-line dress with a sprinkle collar detail and a cone-printed skirt. But the real cherry on top of this outfit is…well…the cherry on top! Attached to a pretty pink headband, this little topper takes this costume to a whole new level of cute. …We All Scream for Ice CreamAfter Halloween is over, she may still want to slip on her favorite dress and skip down to the ice cream parlor. Who knows? She may get a scoop on the house for looking the part! 

Transform your kid in to a cute ice cream cone with this exclusive Ice Cream Cone Girls Costume. This dress features a white top with ice cream toppings and a skirt that resembles a cone. It also includes a headband with a cherry on top.

SAS ID: 38286

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