Girls Ghostbusters Costume Dress


Girls Ghostbusters Costume Dress

Something Strange in the NeighborhoodWho do you call when strange occurrences happen? Like, if you saw a bulbous green ghost chilling in your attic, who would you call? The police might think that you’re making up stories if you babble on about a glowing green thing in your attic that smells like onions! So then, who SHOULD you call? The fire department? Grandma? Well, we happen to think that your little girl might make for one awesome Ghostbuster! Just think about it for a second!Does your child have a strange fascination for spirits? Does she have unmatched courage in the face of the supernatural? Does she want to blast some ghosties into oblivion with a neutrona wand? Well, then it’s time to outfit her with this Ghostbusters Girls Costume Dress. It’s the perfect way to transform your child into a ghost-fighting hero!Design & DetailsOur costume designers put a brand new spin on the classic Ghostbuster uniform with this outfit. It’s based on the classic 1984 movie and features the same look of the coveralls-style jumpsuit from the movies, but combines it with a simple dress. The tan dress has a button-up front, along with zippered pockets in the chest. The belt clips around the waist to add an authentic look and the included backpack is designed to look like the classic Proton Packs seen in the movies. Finally, the costume dress comes with a set of name tags, including Venkman, Zeddemore, Stantz, and Spengler, so your girl can become her favorite character from the films.The New GhostbustersIf your child is ready to bust a few ghosts, then she might be ready for this Ghostbusters Costume Dress. It’s a brand new option in Ghostbusters wear for anyone looking to check anything strange that’s going on in the neighborhood!

This Ghostbusters Girls Costume Dress will have your little one dressed and ready to fight evil ghosts terrorizing your town. It features a dress styled after the Ghostbusters jumpsuit and includes a proton pack and 4 interchangeable name tags.

SAS ID: 38286

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