Girl’s Flower Hoodie Dress


Girl’s Flower Hoodie Dress

A Coveted RoleOne day, your kid races through the front door in what you initially think is panic. You know something is up, but the answer to your curiosity is not what you were expecting. With excitement befitting having learned the end of the school year has come early, your little one tells you they are going to be the sunflower in this school year’s music program.Relief is your first response, having started at worry when your kiddo flew through the door. Pride follows, of course, knowing you’ll get to watch your kiddo show their talents to the whole community. And then, in the back of your mind, a touch of nervousness creeps in. How do we get a costume for this?Hi! Have we been formally introduced? We’re HalloweenCostumes.com and we’re pretty good at helping get the kids ready for any themed-dress event. The school music program is no exception, and we just so happen to have a lovely little flower ensemble for your kiddo.Design & DetailsDesigned by our talented costume-makers, this Flower Hoodie is an easy and stylish way to get your little one ready for their big debut. Down to the veins on the flower’s leaves, this costume is ready for the stage. With just 1 piece it’ll be a breeze for your kiddo to get prepared for any flower event. Bright yellow petals are sewn into the hood and create a full bloom when worn. The body of the costume acts like a flower stem while the sleeves are made to look just like leaves. Our clever designers even added a slit in both leaf-sleeves to make sure your kiddo still has full use of their hands.Watch Them BlossomWhether they’re on stage or out trick-or-treating, when your little one is dressed in this Flower Hoodie, we know you will get to see them blossom.

Bloom this year in this Girl’s Flower Hoodie Dress!

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