Girls Army Flightsuit Costume


Girls Army Flightsuit Costume

When you take your little girl to the amusement park, does she rush to the fastest and scariest rollercoaster at the park? Does she tell you to drive faster when you’re driving the family car to buy groceries? Does she blaze past all of her friends when she’s riding her bike through the neighborhood? Well then, it sounds like you have a bit of a thrill seeker on your hands and now, she can embrace her speed demon ways in this flightsuit costume for girls!This exclusive Army flightsuit for girls has an authentic look based on military outfits. It’ll make her look like the seasoned pilot of a jet fighter in a matter of minutes. The dark green jumpsuit has a USA patch on the chest. It fits with a zipper in front and has a belt that ties around the waist. A matching hat is also included for a uniform style. Just add a pair of sunglasses to her look and she’ll look bold enough to hop into the cockpit of her own jet!Of course, it might be a few more years before your young one can enter flight school, so piloting her bike will have to do for now. So let her indulge in her speedy ways, but just make sure she always wears a good helmet. Even the pros wouldn’t dare hop into their craft without the proper safety gear.

This Army Flightsuit costume for girls is an exclusive design that is also available for women and plus sizes.

SAS ID: 38286

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