Ghostbusters Men’s Plus Size Deluxe Costume


Ghostbusters Men’s Plus Size Deluxe Costume

An Eerie AppYou know the Ghostbuster jingle, right? It’s catchy but in today’s modern era we can’t really picture picking up the phone to get someone in to extinguish your spiritual infestation issues. Why call someone when you could be contacting your ghost professionals with an app? All you’d need to do was set up a profile describing your problem and a picture of your troublesome spirit. If you had a Poltergeist piling chairs in your living room, you’d capture a pic of the orb and put reorganizing furniture and stinking up a room under your ghost’s interests. If the team of Ghostbusters was interested in your particular haunting they’d swipe right. It would be that easy and we might even say fun. We might even talk to our web techs about whipping something up. In the meantime, you can actually join the team, yourself when you throw on this licensed Ghostbuster costume!Details & DesignThis khaki uniform looks like it’s ready for action. As it’s licensed and Made by Us, you’ll enjoy a higher quality costume that can be worn for many costume parties to come. Zipping up the front, it’s super simple to slip on. Smart folks will love the pockets so you can keep your ghosty handbooks at hand. An interchangeable nametag connects to the suit with a hook and loop fastener strip so that you can choose what character from the original movie to channel. Slip your comfortable proton over your shoulders and you’ll be ready for whatever ghouls are coming your way. Keeping Courage on CallIt’s common knowledge that Ghostbusting is not for the weak of heart. Since you never know what kind of ghouls you might encounter while out on Halloween, this is a great choice for costume parties as well as those spooky corn mazes. No way is some college student dressed as a killer clown getting the jump on a Ghostbuster!

Strike fear into the empty souls of all the ghost costumes with the Ghostbusters Mens Plus Size Deluxe Costume.

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