Ghostbusters Men’s Cosplay Costume


Ghostbusters Men’s Cosplay Costume

Under FireIt’s October again. We all know what this means. Overtime. Yep, the veil between the living and the dead is once again thinning out and folks will be calling about all sorts of spirits sneaking past the gates of the underworld. Sure, there are all those little incidents of a friendly aunt stopping by to tell you she’s proud or let you know what the secret ingredient in her brownie recipe was. But the incidents that the Ghostbusters hear about are typically much less heartwarming and much more goosebump stimulating. They get the call when a grey man in someone’s attic won’t stop pacing back and forth or a wailing cry is coming from your refrigerator. So when a chill hits the air, The Ghostbusters put all their plans on hold and head out to do what they do best… what? Why, Ghostbusting is what they do best, of course! Design & DetailsThis licensed costume is a great choice for costume parties and conventions, alike. The khaki jumpsuit has a variety of pockets that zip, allowing you to store items away for the occasion. Even the pants zip up the front, giving it a utilitarian flair. Top your high-quality jumpsuit off with the included proton pack and you’ll be ready for whatever comes calling, Molded and painted with details, this pack will make you one of the team. Finally, you’ll be able to choose your character from the original movie with the interchangeable name tags that attach with a hook and loop strip. Proton Pack PactThis costume is sure to make you look like you stepped straight out of the movies. All you have to do is pair up with your friends to create an unstoppable team. While you might not run into any ghosts, you’re sure to enjoy your new profession!

Who you going to call? The Ghostbusters Men’s Cosplay Costume is greatly detailed to make the ultimate Halloween costume!

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