Ghostbusters Kid’s Deluxe Costume


Ghostbusters Kid’s Deluxe Costume

Open House HauntingWhen you got the invitation to see your kid’s school, you were excited to get the inside scoop on what they’d been up to. And at first, it all went to plan. You got to hold the snake in their science classroom. You smiled at the collages they were working on in Art. But when you filed into the theater for the class’s skit, things started to get weird. The lights started flickering. Popcorn went flying from the empty balconies above you. And when the kids filed onto the stage, a whirlwind of orbs whipped around them even before the first kid forgot their lines. Safe to say, the event was more memorable than you thought it would be. As interesting as ghosts might be, they tend to be very distracting in a learning environment. How are you supposed to read along during history class when a spooky entity keeps turning the pages of your book! It’s about time someone did something! This Halloween, your kid can clear the school of all things scary when they show up rocking this Ghostbuster costume!Details & DesignThis khaki-colored Ghostbuster costume zips up the front, making getting into character a breeze. The licensed look has functional zippered pockets, a Ghostbuster logo on one arm, and an interchangeable nametag that lets your child choose what character from the movie they want to be. Topped off with a proton pack, this costume will make your kiddo feel prepared for the spookiest time of the year!Trick-or-Treat eliteWhile dressing up as a ghost or ghoul can be fun, there’s no better way to make your kiddo feel brave on the scariest night of the year than dressing up as a Ghostbuster. Proud and comfortable, this costume will be a favorite on Halloween night!

No need to fear those ghosts that keep circling your bed at night. With the Ghostbusters Kids Deluxe Costume, they will be afraid of you!

SAS ID: 38286

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