Ghostbusters 2: Men’s Plus Size Cosplay Costume


Ghostbusters 2: Men’s Plus Size Cosplay Costume

The One That Got AwayThe Ghostbusters have seen a lot of entities in their career. And most of them have wound up in that little metal ghost trap with nothing but total chaos and whisps of smoke to show that they were there. We’ve enjoyed watching the Ghostbusters rope the ill-behaved Slimer into a trap after and extremely ooey-gooey experience. The Scoleri Brothers would have brought down the courthouse had the Ghostbusters been elsewhere. And who could forget the surprisingly vicious library lady? But as rich as their career has been, we have to imagine that there are a few ghosts who’ve slipped through the grip of the proton pack. Design & DetailsThis licensed gray jumpsuit from Ghostbusters 2 stands out in quality, ensuring that it can become a staple in your costume wardrobe. Fitted with functional pockets throughout the suit, you’ll find it easy to keep everything you need on your person without worrying about interrupting your professional ghost hunter look. The Ghostbuster 2 icon is featured on one sleeve while the nametag on the chest is interchangeable so that you can choose what character you’re dressing up as. Topped off with a molded, colorful proton pack, this costume will make you look ready for any nasty ghosts and ghouls that might come your way. Follow Your CallingHave you always wanted to get a call from a panicked person hiding from vengeful spirits? This costume is sure to make your phone ring off the hook. After all, when you look like you’ve come straight from the classic 80’s movie, you’ve got a certain amount of authority. The only thing that could make this costume better? Getting the team back together, of course! Whether you’re headed out as Stantz or Spengler, this Halloween’s ghost hunting is going to be epic. Just keep an eye out for those sneaky spirits that got away!

Be feared by ghosts and monsters. Everyone will look to you to protect them while you are wearing the Ghostbusters 2 Men’s Plus Size Cosplay Costume.

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