Ghostbusters 2 Men’s Cosplay Costume


Ghostbusters 2 Men’s Cosplay Costume

Halloween HeroicsIt’s that time of year again. The veil between the living and the dead has become thin and weak. Ghosts are busting through to the land of the living as if they’re simply taking a weekend getaway. Now, we don’t know why but ghosts seem to run wild when they’re in the land of the living. If they were neat when they lived, they’re now interested in piling up chairs in the dining room for some reason. People that were balanced in life now wake people up by howling at three o’clock in the morning. For some reason, the visiting dead love a heavy dose of chaos. That’s why Ghostbusters are a great choice for this spooky season. They can keep these problems under wraps even while folks encourage the problem by playing with spirit boards at parties and staying up until witching hours. Want to keep those spirits under control this spooky season? Zip into this costume and become a haunting authority at any costumed events this year!Details & DesignStraight out of Ghostbusters 2, this licensed look will be a staple in your costume wardrobe for years to come. The high-quality jumpsuit zips up the front and has functional zippered pockets throughout the front. It’s detailed with a Ghostbusters 2 icon on one shirt sleeve, elbow pads, and an interchangeable nametag on the breast that lets you choose what character from the movie you’d like to emulate. Topped off with an eye-catching molded proton pack, this costume is ready for whatever ghostly pickles you might get yourself into. Flaunt the HauntAre you ready to take charge this Halloween? When the ghouls and ghosts get out of hand, people know who to call. They’ve heard the song. Get to the scene before the trouble really gets out of hand. You never know when Halloween is going to need a hero!

The Ghostbusters 2 Men’s Cosplay Costume is the ultimate realistic costume for your Halloween party. Who you going to call?

SAS ID: 38286

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