General Hat


General Hat

“Oh, a general hat! I can wear it with anything!” No. It’s a general’s hat, not a general-purpose hat. In fact, it’s quite specific. Unless you’re in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, only one person in the group wears it. It’s eye-catching, distinctive. It raises your height about 5 inches. Nothing general about that. You’ll command salutes and respect in your very own general’s hat. The enlisted personnel and non-commissioned officers will fall right in line. Think how powerful you’ll feel. Take to the seas, and now you’re an admiral! That’s how it works, right?You don’t have to graduate from West Point to rock the large-and-in-charge look with this general’s hat. It’s even designed generically (no pun intended) so you can front for any world power you want, although one that’s really into stars helps. But hey, all the big ones are, right? Whether you’re threatening Mr. Bond, drafting up battle plans, or fondling the big red button, this is the hat for all your command activities!

Get the respect your deserve when you top your military costume with this handsome general hat.

SAS ID: 38286

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