Game of Thrones Son Of the Harpy Mask


Game of Thrones Son Of the Harpy Mask

Daenarys who? We don’t care who this self-proclaimed Queen is. She’s waltzed into our city with little respect for our traditions and history. It’s about time we take things back from the clutches of this “mother of dragons” and restore Mereen to it’s former glory. Sure, it’s not going to be an easy proposition… but we can make things just a little bit more simple with this Sons of the Harpy mask. After all, when you’re plotting the assassination of a Khaleesi or just running amok in the streets, you probably won’t want everyone to know your identity!This officially licensed costume accessory will have you ready for a showdown in the Great Pit of Daznak. You’re going to want to wear it with your favorite pastel robe, worn in the traditional Mereen fashion. You’re also going to want to be packing some blades, because she has dudes like Daario Naharis and a couple thousand unsullied backing her up. She has a few dragons, too, but no one has seen those beasts in a while. Yeah, they can breathe fire, but we have to think the odds of them swooping in at the last minute are close to nil. So, when you’re ready to battle make sure you grab this authentic Game of Thrones mask. We’re sure your plan is going to work out just fine!

This is an adult Son Of the Harpy Mask from Game of Thrones.

SAS ID: 38286

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