Flight Attendant Costume For Women


Flight Attendant Costume For Women

First Class CharactersCan you imagine all the people that flight attendants work with? All sorts of people travel by air for all sorts of reasons. There are bachelorette parties that are in full party mode and heading to Vegas. There are methodical suits trying to get their paperwork done before landing in Phoenix, Arizona. Flight attendants see movie stars drooling on their pillows in first class on their way to film an independent movie in New Zealand. They wake up yoga gurus to see if they want snacks. They help great grandma’s fit their carryons filled with toys for the newest great grandbaby into the overhead compartment. Flight attendants have been everywhere and have encountered all sorts of people. If you’re dreaming of high altitude adventures, dressing up in this flight attendant costume is a wonderful first step. Costume DetailsThis lovely dark blue costume will make you feel well-traveled and worldly, even if you’ve never flown out of the country. The top has a unique look with a double buttoned panel in the middle, an attached white collar, and gold bands around the sleeves. The elastic-sided pencil skirt zips up the back to make slipping into this costume simple and easy. The costume is polished off with a jaunty pillbox cap, wing pins, and a bright satin scarf to give this look a pop of color. That’s the TicketAny costume party can be a pretty wild ride. When you’re wearing this flight attendant suit, you’ll have the authority when a Halloween fete is hitting some turbulence. Yes, Frankenstein might have freaked out when he saw the burning candelabra on the buffet table but if everyone buckles up and stays calm, the candles will be blown out and we can move on. The flight attendant has seen it all, this wild Halloween ride will be a breeze!

Fly high and be apart of the air crew with this Women’s Flight Attendant Costume. This costume features navy with gold trim suit, hat, and scarf.

SAS ID: 38286

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