Fighter Pilot Costume for Women


Fighter Pilot Costume for Women

The Sky’s the LimitDo you want to feel it? That unmistakable feeling when you take to the controls of a jet fighter! That rush of adrenaline you get when piloting an F-18 Hornet! Well, then you’d better prepare for years of intense training. It takes dedication, skill, and tons of test flights before you can call yourself an ace. The good news is that you don’t have to wait to get yourself a pilot uniform to show off your maneuvering ace aspirations.This Women’s Fighter Pilot Costume helps you get into the ace pilot mood by providing a cute style combined with the look of classic air force pilot jumpsuits. You’ll be ready to take to the skies!Product DetailsThis pilot-style outfit comes with a simple army green dress with a button-up front. It features 4 function pockets, so you can proudly tell all of your friends that “this dress has pockets and it’s a glorious thing!” The chest has embroidered patches on the front, including a 3-star patch, a pilot patch, and a skull patch. The shoulder also has a fighter pilot patch. The included belt loops through the belt loops around the waist and can be tied to your desired tightness. Finally, the costume comes with a pair of spandex blend shorts that stretch to fit. The whole look really packs a punch that will have you ready to step into the pilot’s seat!Bring A WingmanEven if you haven’t had a single flight lesson, you’ll be looking like an ace when you wear this fierce, yet cute, outfit. You can match this look up with a pair of our women’s military boots and wearing a pair of shades is a must with this look! Just make sure you bring a wingman for your next flight!

Jump in the cockpit and take on the enemy in this Fighter Pilot Women’s Costume. This sexy pilot costume shows you mean business.

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