Female’s Blades of Glory Fire Jumpsuit Costume


Female’s Blades of Glory Fire Jumpsuit Costume

AN EVEN BETTER LOOPHOLEWhen Chazz Michael and Jimmy MacElroy just can’t seem to get along and are banned from competing in men’s singles competitions for the rest of their lives, there were only so many options they had available to them.  Give up on figure skating for the rest of their lives?  Well, that would be a quick and sad ending to a story, wouldn’t it!?  Join up as the first same-sex pair of figure skaters and overcome their rivalry to become best friends and gold medalists?  … Crazy talk!No, the real loophole is in the men’s competitions!  In order to win their own gold medals, all they needed to do was work a little costume magic and become the victors of the female rings.  Now, that might not have been the movie that they made, but it definitely is one that we would love to see play out.  So, we’ll get the ring ready, call on the judges, and probably get a couple new rivals to take down.  All you need to do is get those moves perfected.   DESIGN & DETAILSWell, there is one more step, but we’ve got your back on that, too!  With this officially licensed Blades of Glory Fire Jumpsuit for Women, you’ll be setting the judges hearts aflame.  This is an exclusive, fitted bodysuit with shimmering metallic gold fabric and dazzling fire detailing throughout that all came from the adoring minds of our own in-house design team.  Crown your look with the matching headband, because who even wants a gold medal if it doesn’t match the costume!? WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER ONEWhen you’re certain to win the gold thanks to this gender-bending tactic, just remember that Jimmy is still out there, too!  If you’re not pairing up, you may yet be rivals with the female version of MacElroy.  Of course, you could win the gold as a pair of ladies and show some serious Blades of Glory fandom, too! 

You will feel on fire when you wear this exclusive Blades of Glory Female Fire Jumpsuit! Make Chazz Michael Michaels proud and show off your moves!

SAS ID: 38286

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