Feed Me Kitty Costume Kids


Feed Me Kitty Costume Kids

Can’t Ignore the CatWho on earth can ignore a hungry cat? That’s right, no one. We dare you to try! Try everything. The cat is meowing. Throw in some earbuds. Yep, you just got tripped by kitty while carrying a hot cup of coffee. Don’t give in yet. Kitty can’t be that hungry, right? Curl your feet under yourself, and sip on the rest of your coffee, your earbuds blocking out all the meowing. It’s like you don’t even have a cat… nope. Here’s comes your cat headbutting your face so you can’t take a sip without getting cat hair in your mouth.Now, you could always shut yourself in a separate room but let’s not pretend your cat won’t be poking its little paw under the door, and scratching the door, and wandering off to knock anything that might be on the dining room table onto the ground, and scratching on the furniture in desperation.Product DetailsThis hungry kitty is as impossible to ignore as your pet cat. Which is a great thing for your kid because this cat costume is sure to get a couple of extra fun size candy bars while trick-or-treating. This tunic is super easy to throw on. Simply throw the tunic over your child’s head and enjoy popping candy into the large kitty mouth. The long tail and big paws make this costume a whole lot of fun for kitty-loving kiddos!Kibbles and Quick!A hungry cat can cause a lot of chaos in the first thirty minutes of the morning. Because as we illustrated above… you can’t ignore a hungry kitty. And why would you want to? If you want your child to go trick-or-treating in a costume no one can ignore, this Feed Me kitty costume will get plenty of swift attention!

Wanna go trick or treating without carrying a bag for your goodies? This Kids Feed Me Kitty Costume is both adorable and allows you to store your candy in the cat’s mouth.

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