Fawn Headband


Fawn Headband

Animal InstinctOh, deer! You’ve got a Halloween party tonight and you didn’t get yourself a costume. Not only that, but you’ll have to hoof it there since your car broke down and there isn’t time to get it fixed. And on top of all that, your date had to cancel and now you’ll have to go stag! What’s a sweet, docile, and quick-thinking gal like you to doe?Do as deer do, stand still, assess the situation, and listen closely: It’s time to take a cue from our AMAZING puns and get in touch with the creature comforts of this Fawn Headband. It’s a simple topper that can turn a head-to-toe brown sweatsuit into a full-blown costume. See? That fixed everything! Now you can go out tonight and be the forest of nature you really are!Product DetailsPerfectly situated atop an easy-to-wear, basic black headband, this accessory features darling spotted fawn ears and sweet little antlers. It looks great with coordinated face paint, but in a pinch, this hairpiece can do all the heavy costume lifting itself!Prance Party!See? We told you this little headband could turn your night around. And don’t forget to buck the system just a bit and have some fun. You deserve to be fawned over.

Complete your deer costume with this cute fawn headband that features deer antlers and spotted deer ears.

SAS ID: 38286

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