Egyptian Pharaoh Costume


Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

Being a pharaoh in Ancient Egypt doesn’t sound like such a bad gig. You get a beautiful palace and servants to meet your every need. There’s lots of money and beautiful garments. Plus, you know, you get your own pyramid and well, that’s just plain cool!But we think being a Pharaoh was also probably pretty hard work, too. From having to keep your kingdom happy to overseeing work on pyramids and dealing with times of famine, Pharaohs had a lot on their plate. But we think you could be up for the challenge, especially if it means you get to enjoy the spoils of the position as well. Lavish parties, never-ending food and drink, and a following of people who adore you – what could be better?Reign over the Valley of the Nile and its inhabitants in this Egyptian Pharaoh Costume. This adult Pharaoh costume comes with everything you need to get into the role of king this Halloween. The costume starts with a woven knee-length tunic that has a printed necklace on the front. The tunic has a Velcro closure in the back for easy on and off. The included belt has an attached printed loin cloth and it secures around the waist with Velcro for a comfortable fit. The printed collar and cuffs attach with Velcro as well. Crown yourself Pharaoh with the included headpiece that secures with an elastic band. Just add a pair of Egyptian sandals and a staff to really show your people you mean business!

Rule the Nile as the great Amenhotep, or pretty much any ancient Egyptian ruler, in this Egyptian Pharaoh Costume. This makes a great couples costume idea!

SAS ID: 38286

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