Ear Muffs Unicorn Mane


Ear Muffs Unicorn Mane

MAGICAL WARMTHWhen the wind starts howling and the snow threatens to fall, we can often think that the dreary weather is stealing away all the bright color from the world. It’s cold, bleak, and all we want is for that little snap of bright warmth and hope!Well, what can be a better example of the color and shine of the world than the unicorn? The whole mythology of the creature shows that its presence is a marker of the coming spring and the power of summer. If only we could channel the unicorn’s might during winter’s grip! PRODUCT DETAILSOf course, we wouldn’t bring up an issue like this without also providing a possible answer! Yours might be this pair of Unicorn Mane Earmuffs! First, these soft and warm earmuffs can be worn like a headband and provides great comfort on the ears. More importantly, the shining horn and ribbons of color are some serious unicorn inspiration! GET READY TO WHINNEY When you have this pair of Unicorn Earmuffs, you’ll be ready to do all the unicorn moves. Gallop? Do that ‘flip your hair’ thing that looks so majestic on equines against a sunrise? Channel the mysterious magic from your unicorn horn to bring forth the warmth of the sun? Prance? You’ve got all the options! 

Embody the most majestic of legendary creatures in these Unicorn Mane Ear Muffs. Features a spiraling horn and multi-colored mane.

SAS ID: 38286

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