Dropping Spider Halloween Decoration


Dropping Spider Halloween Decoration

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s a giant spider!Hold on just a minute! Don’t freak out and burn down your entire house quite yet. We are going to let you in on a little secret: this spider isn’t actually real. We know that it looks lifelike, but it’s just a spooky Halloween decoration so you can sit down, relax, and stop hyperventilating. (Whew, what a relief!) Just think about all the people you can scare with this eerie dropping spider decoration. The long legged arachnid has red light-up eyes and bright green stripes on each one of its eight limbs. Hang the scary decoration from a door archway or the top of the stairs and watch it drop down and frighten your unsuspecting house guests. You’ll find that it’s the best decoration to have handy because approximately 31% of people suffer from arachnophobia so that means you’ll creep a lot of people out!

Make your Halloween display complete with this Dropping Spider Decoration. This furry, black and green spider decoration is sure to add a spooky touch to any Halloween scene.

SAS ID: 38286

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