Disney Mary Poppins Women’s Blue Coat Costume


Disney Mary Poppins Women’s Blue Coat Costume

Imagine That!What makes for a good nanny? Is a good nanny always organized with everything waiting in her carpet bag? Maybe, as the Banks children say, you must be kind, witty, very sweet and fairly pretty. Or perhaps what really matters is an amazing imagination. Because when you have the kind of imagination that Mary Poppins has, every part of every day can be exciting! When the kids need to take a bath there’s no need to beg them to jump into the bubbles when you turn bathing into a seaside adventure. A pretty bowl that the kids like broke? Once you get out the super glue and work your magic, you’re not done yet, there’s a whole new song to be sung. Heading out on an evening errand can lead to tripping a little light fantastic. Yes, it’s not just sugar that makes the medicine go down, it’s imagination! So bring your nanny-rific imaginings to life when you slip into this bright blue Mary Poppins costume. Product DetailsFeaturing a blue suit and a silky white shirt front with a tiny red bowtie, this licensed Mary Poppins costume will have you wanting to kick up your heels and dance as soon as it arrives! The suit’s skirt falls down to the ankles with enough room to move for dancing and kite flying. Top it off with the flowered hat and a flair for whimsy and you’ll be ready to shake up the Banks family for the better!On that NoteAs you know, Mary Poppins always arrives exactly when she’s needed. Come to think of it, she’s kind of a wizard that way. Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on Mary Poppins you can finally figure out where she’s going when that umbrella takes her up, up and away!

Feel the magic of Mary Poppins when you wear this Mary Poppins Women’s Blue Coat Costume. It features the blue suit look from the Mary Poppins movies.

SAS ID: 38286

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