Disney Animated Lion King Adult Nala Jumpsuit Costume


Disney Animated Lion King Adult Nala Jumpsuit Costume

Feeling The LoveCan we get something straight? Outside of the Lion King, Nala would have easily reigned as the matriarch of Pride Rock. She’s a born leader, brave and strong. At the same time, we have to appreciate the love story between two young lions coming together to achieve the power that was their destiny from birth. If you grew up in the nineties, there’s a good chance that you wanted to channel Nala. In fact, if you’re willing to face the embarrassing games you and your friends played at recess, you might have argued over who got to play the main lioness while stalking through the wilderness of the jungle gym. Want to claim Nala’s character once and for all? Take on the role when you slip into this licensed Lion King costume. Product DetailsYou’ll feel like a wise and proud lioness when you slip into this Nala jumpsuit! The tawny color brings the cartoon we know and love to life! The comfortable fit lets you groove to all the songs while the sculpted headpiece shows off the large Nala eyes. A tail swishes from the back to make this jumpsuit fun from every angle. Pinned Ya, Again!Nala has been a tough cookie since the very beginning. And if it wasn’t for her, Scar may have taken the pride on a scorched earth journey, never to see Pride Rock again. But Nala ventured into the wilderness, looking for an answer. When she found Simba she told him to step up to the plate before it was too late. In a way, if we think about it, Nala actually saved the day. Are you ready to become this Disney heroine? Slip into this lioness costume and you’ll feel like the powerful matriarch you always wanted to be when you were a kid!

Jump in to the world of Disney with this Disney Animated Lion King Adult Nala Jumpsuit Costume. This jumpsuit features Nala from the animated movie of the 1990’s.

SAS ID: 38286

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