Disco Ball Necklace


Disco Ball Necklace

Picture this: you’re all dressed up for a night of dancing. You’ve got your disco dress, your disco boots, and your hair is perfect. You’re on fire and you know it. You look in the mirror and think, “I look great but maybe I could use a touch more glam.” The problem is, you’ve sworn off glitter after the Great Glitter Disaster of 2016. It’s all just too painful to remember. (Seriously, that stuff gets everywhere.) But don’t worry, you’ll never need glitter again once you get this Vintage Disco Ball Necklace.That’s right, it’s totally glitzy but also glitter free! This necklace features five disco-ball-like plastic beads at even intervals along the 32-inch strand. These beads are silver-toned to reflect light, just like a real disco ball! But with this Vintage Disco Ball Necklace, you won’t even need disco balls, because you’ll be shining on and off the dancefloor!

Heaven must be missing an angel and she’s wearing that dazzling Disco Ball Necklace. You may not be a super freak but you won’t survive a night out at the discotheque without this funky accessory.

SAS ID: 38286

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